Welcome to the website of Nano-Lab@Okayama University!

Nano-Materials & Devices Science Group

Our labs research contributes to SDGs.

Our research interfaces with Electrical Engineering, Nanomaterials Science and Nanobiophysics. We would like to provides both academia and research using emerging nanotechnology.

*** Research Key Words ***

MATERIALS: Carbon nanomaterials (Carbon Nanotubes: CNTs, Graphene), Perovskite materials, Organic semiconductors, Oxide nanomaterials DEVICES: CNT yarn and senseors, Perovskite solar cells & Thermoelectric devices, Organic solar cells & FETs, New nanoscale devices & systems, Spintronics APPROCAHES: Hybrid technologies based on Top-down and Bottom-up approaches RESEARCH ATTITUDE: Well balanced 3Cs (Competition, Contribution, Collaboration)

Promotion of cooperative Researchers

Promote international cooperative researches with foreign Universities as well as Institutes, Companies and Organizations. For further details contact from here.