1. Design and characterization of perovskite and organic semiconductor devices

  • New perovskite materials
  • High efficiency perovskite solar cells
  • High speed organic transistors towards ubiquitous & low-cost organic electronic applications

2. Synthesis and characterization of nano-carbon materials

  • Spinning few-walled carbon nanotube yarns
    カーボンナノチューブの乾式紡績法 (dry-spinning method of carbon nanotube)
  • Ferromagnetic metal encapsulated carbon nanotubes
  • Graphene supercapacitor for energy storage

3. Nano-scale characterization

  • Characterization of ferromagnetic metal nano-wire by transmission electron microscopy

4. Waste-heat thermoelectric generators

  • Organic materials based thermoelectric generator
  • Inorganic materials based thermoelectric generator
  • Perovskite materials based thermoelectric generator

5. New nanoscale devices & systems, Spintronics

  • Ferromagnetic metal nano-wire towards spintronics
  • Nano electro mechanical systems