For Prospective Master & PhD students

The group and Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology are continuously seeking new Master & PhD students in subject areas as shown below. Perovskite materials and Solar Cells,Organic FETs, Carbon nanotubes, TEM, Thermoelectric generators, New nanoscale devices & systems, Spintronics. You are NOT required to speak Japanese in case of PhD program! We welcome your interest in joining our research group! For those interested in pursuing graduate study in my group, and for further details contact from here. Also please visit the web of Admissions.

The Main Research Contents

1. Design and characterization of perovskite and organic semiconductor devices
  • New perovskite materials
  • High efficiency perovskite solar cells
  • High speed organic transistors towards ubiquitous & low-cost organic electronic applications
Synthesis and characterization of nano-carbon materials
  • Spinning few-layered carbon nanotube yarns
  • Ferromagnetic metal encapsulated carbon nanotubes
  • Graphene supercapacitor for energy storage
3. Nano-scale characterization
  • Characterization of ferromagnetic metal nano-wire by transmission electron microscopy
4. Waste-heat thermoelectric generators
  • Organic materials based thermoelectric generator
  • Inorganic materials based thermoelectric generator
  • Perovskite materials based thermoelectric generator
5. New nanoscale devices & systems, Spintronics
  • Ferromagnetic metal nano-wire towards spintronics
  •  Nano electro mechanical systems

Scholarship for Study in Japan

For those who interested in applying scholarship:

Promotion of Cooperative Researchers

Promote international cooperative researches with foreign Universities as well as Institutes, Companies and Organizations. For further details contact from here.